Window Washers are Not ALL Bad. Add a Sparkle to Your Home!


We love to hate the window washers we encounter at every major intersection around town…. BUT….

One of life’s little pleasures is the ability to see a crystal clear blue skies through a well-cleaned window.  Achieving that streak-free status may require outside help.

Garix Window Cleaning Services recently opened in Edenvale and have hit on a winning formula, specialising in cleaning services for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. This family owned business makes use of a water purification system that ensures there is no streaking. They bring along their own water in a 500 litre bowser, and their 100 metre hoses ensure that they are able to get to those hard to reach places.

500 litre bowser

500 litre bowser

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional window cleaning service, there are three things to consider before ascending that ladder for a day of DIY window washing:

  • Safety — Can you safely clean those outside, hard-to-reach windows, and do you have the right equipment?
  • Time — Washing windows is a time-consuming task. One major reason to hire professionals is for your time and efficiency.
  • Quality — Some household cleaners leave streaks you’ll have to stare at until the next time you can clean the windows.
Getting into those hard to reach places.

Getting into those hard to reach places.

Garix Window Cleaning Services is offering a 50% discount to first time clients up until the end of March. Call them for a FREE quotation on 083 645 4864

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