7 Reasons to Advertise in the Edenvale Business Directory!

supportlocalOnline advertising, in particular social media, has become a major marketing tool, providing fast, effective, targeted and measurable results, offering real value for money and flexibility.

1. Your target audience is Edenvale.

Edenvale Business Directory only accepts advertisments from businesses which are located or operate in and around Edenvale.
This stipulation implies that all businesses in this Directory are within reach of Edenvale residents. Furthermore, it promotes local consumer support.

2. Your customers are online.

Face it, no-one uses the Yellow Pages anymore.  Consumers use the Internet to research and select products to purchase and organisations to do business with.

3. Your competitors are online.

Not only are your direct competitors advertising online, but there are also many companies that now use the Internet to target your customers. How to fight back? Make sure your customers see your advertising to remind them why they like your products best.

4. Cost effective.

With online advertising, you can reach a large audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, quickly and at lower cost than many other media. From only R127 per month, you can have a presence in the Edenvale Business Directory.

5. Extend your trading hours.

Online advertising can extend your trading hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by offering your clients information about your business, services and products any time, day or night. Furthermore, your clients will be able to communicate with you via email, without waiting to phone you the next morning.

6. Expand your geographical boundaries

With the Internet, there are no geographical boundaries, so you reach a larger audience. Online advertising allows local businesses to penetrate new markets in other geographical areas and it is a very effective means of reaching new customers.

7. Enhance your business image

Online advertising shows your potential customers that you are a legitimate operation that takes its business seriously. Even if they have never heard of you, an address on the Internet stands out in other literature as testimony of your commitment to your business, your product or service, and your reputation; and shows that you care enough to reach all markets and keep your customers informed.

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