Edenvale Policing Sectors

Edenvale Policing SectorsEdenvale is divided into four Sectors in terms of policing.  Each Sector is assigned a patrol car.

Sector 1

Includes the avenues between Horwood Street and Hendrik Potgieter Streets, Elma Park, Dunvegan, Dowerglen and Marais Steyn park.  The Edenvale Hospital and Sizwe Hospital also fall under Sector 1.

Sector 1 vehicle numbers: 071 675 6841

Sector 2

Includes the Avenues from Hendrik Potgieter Street to Aitken Street, Eastleigh, Illiondale, De Klerkshof.

Sector 2 vehicle numbers:  071 675 6842

Sector 3

Includes Edenglen, Hurlyvale, Highway Gardens, Harmelia and Isandovale.

Sector Vehicle numbers: 071 675 6843


Sector 4


Sector Vehicle numbers: 071 675 6844


Please make a note of the numbers for your sector vehicle.  In the event of a crime, these are the first numbers you should call, as the vehicles are patrolling in your area.


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